269080_10150233771813157_1924888_nBee offers classes and workshops on a variety of topics related to organic farming, urban agriculture and food justice.

She has a background in popular education and open pedagogy and has worked with groups ranging from 4H clubs to The New School University. She specializes in participatory farm/garden based education. She has worked with all ages, from preschool to seniors, and offers classes that can last for a few hours to a full season.

Bee is available to give workshops and talks for a variety of audiences, contact her to find out more.



Small Farm Planning

  • Crop Planning for Sustainability
  • Beginning Your Business Plan
  • Enterprise Budgets
  • Starting an Internship or Apprentice Program on Your Farm: The Law and Best Practices
  • Financial Planning
  • Irrigation & Farm Design
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Asset Based Community Design
  • Competitive Market Analysis and Pricing
  • Picking the Legal Structure that’s Right for You
  • Record Keeping: Why it Can Save your Back and Wallet

Youth Gardening

  • Exploring Plant Parts, Botany for Everyone
  • Our Friends the Bees!
  • Worm Composting Buffets
  • 5 Plant Part Burritos
  • What’s Under the Ground?
  • Bugs, Slimy Things and Creepy Crawlers
  • Cooking in the Garden
  • Garden Planning & Design
  • How to Teach a Cooking Demo
  • Nutrition for Your Body


Organic Farming

  • Testing & assessing your soil
  • A Beginners Guide to Soil Chemistry
  • The Art & Science of Composting
  • Harvest & Post Harvest Handling Efficiency
  • Seed Saving
  • The Hows and Why of Irrigation
  • Botany for Farmers
  • Season Extension
  • Pests, Pathogens & Disease: Scouting and Organic Solutions
  • Integrated Pest Management Planning
  • Get to Know Your Plant Families! 
    • Solanums, Brassicas, Lamiaceaes, The Umbels, Chenopods etc.

Urban Chicken keeping

  • Introduction to Urban Chicken Keeping
  • Health Inspections and Solutions
  • Chickens are Fun! A workshop for ALL ages
  • Introducción a Pollo Urbano Mantener
  • Preparing Your Flock & Coop for the Winter
  • Egg Safety
  • Raising Chicks for Layers
  • Breeds for Everyone
  • Building Chicken Tractors
  • Coop Designs for Your Space & Budget




Small Farm Planning & Design, Farm School NYC, Just Food – 10 Class

Bee teaches for Farm School NYC.  Small Farm Planning and Design reviews the value and types of record keeping for the community gardens, urban farms, or food-related businesses.  Students learn practical elements of business planning, marketing concepts and program planning as well as theory and practice of asset-based community mapping.

City Chickens Training Program, bk farmyards – 15 Week Program

Bee developed and taught the BK Farmyards Chicken Apprenticeship at Fort Hen, which builds the basics of raising hens in the city and marketing the eggs. The apprenticeship runs for three months and includes hands on learning with the current chicken keepers, independent work with the hens, independent readings and explorations and field trips.

 Urban Farmer Training Program, The Youth Farm – 20 Week Program

The Urban Farmer Training Program offers adults the chance to experience what it takes to farm and explore a career in organic agriculture through hands-on training on a one-acre diversified farm. Participants gain valuable growing skills necessary for cultivating a wide variety of vegetables and flowers appropriate to the northeast region while gaining a sense for the physical and mental energy required to run a small farming operation that produces high quality vegetables and beautiful flowers. As in a rural farm apprenticeship, time spent doing hands-on farm work is the most important component of becoming skilled in organic agriculture.

City Chicken Institute, New York Restoration Project – 10 Classes

Free monthly workshops on beginning to advanced level chicken keeping and health topics, in partnership with NYRP. Topics ranged from an Introduction to Urban Chicken Keeping, Health Inspections and Organic Treatments, Introducción a Pollo Urbano Mantener and Preparing Your Coop for Winter.